The only guide you need for complex pasta sauce

March 27, 2022

One of the most useful skills I’ve added as an adult is the ability to make a complex pasta sauce from scratch. This particular recipe is especially useful because it is multiple sauces in one — you can stop at different points and have sauces for different uses. Moreover, depending on what the sauce is going with, you can make a few key additions here and there.

MLB should expand a lot. To, like, 40 teams

March 13, 2022

When Major League Baseball forced several teams out of affiliated Minor League Baseball, I understood it as a craven power grab with stated motivations that made little sense — the obvious reason the game’s overlords did it was because they saw an opportunity to enhance their control over the minor leagues, cut their expenditures, and thus make more money.

Of course, those moves were short-sighted. Perhaps the Chicago White Sox save a few ducats by paying only six teams’ worth of professional baseball players rather than seven, but I argued then, and still believe now, that those ducats were exceptionally well-spent even beyond what they contributed to player development because they ensured professional baseball was played in more places around the country, which I strongly suspect was a real contributor to creating more baseball fans. That is, in the long term, MLB decided to actively give up opportunities to create and cultivate more fans.

Upon news that MLB and the MLB Players Association had reached agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement, ending the owners’ 99-day lockout and prompting them to schedule a full 162-game season, it occurred to me that many of the ills that plague MLB — both real and imagined — could be addressed by more baseball.